Overcoming finance barriers is key to advancing energy efficiency in cooling solutions.
K-CEP’s Window 3 aims to help mobilize finance for efficient clean cooling and complements global, regional and country activities supported under other windows. It seeks to demonstrate how targeted grants can unlock the additional finance needed to integrate efficiency improvements with the F-gas transition.

With an overall allocation of $10 million, Window 3 expects to provide grants of between $2 million to $5 million in funding to successful applicants. K-CEP is open to supporting new initiatives or building on the momentum of existing energy efficiency finance schemes where doing so will lead to faster implementation of efficient clean cooling finance.

Window 3 support:

  1. Can be used to provide a range of technical assistance (e.g. to create bankable propositions, raise awareness, provide technical advice) to strengthen cooling efficiency investments.
  2. Can be used to cover the incremental costs of capital finance (e.g. costs of putting a guarantee in place).
  3. Will not provide the capital funding for the underlying financial instrument.

We seek compelling proposals that can serve as strong demonstration of clean, efficient cooling. Our application package, including criteria, can be found here. Please email to register your interest.

How does cooling efficiency get financed today? Check out some interesting case studies of initiatives that seek to promote efficiency in cooling.