Questions about the application process

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    How is COVID-19 impacting the NDC Facility?

    The global uncertainty resulting from COVID-19 resulted in the postponement of the COP 26 conference originally scheduled for November 2020. K-CEP initially paused the application process until further details emerged on the rescheduling of COP 26.

    In response to the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC’s decision to delay COP 26 for a full year until November 2021, but recognizing the urgency of ramping up efficient, climate-friendly cooling, K-CEP elected to re-launch the NDC Facility using a hybrid application model that encourages early submission of an initial round of applications but with an option to withhold funds for a second round of applications contingent on varying countries’ submission timelines for revised NDCs and quality of initial applications. The second round of applications is contingent on the quality of applications submitted and the amount of funds disbursed in the first round, with K-CEP reserving the right to disburse all funds in the first round.

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    Why are there two application forms, and which one should I use?

    There are two application forms: one for governments and one for TA partners and other organizations (e.g. NGOs, UN agencies, academic institutions, etc.). Only individuals working for the government of a host country should use the government application; all other applicants should use the TA partner application.

    The main difference in the applications is understanding the nature of the relationship between the TA provider (if one is specified) and the host country. Both forms ask about the nature of the commitment being made by the host country to include cooling in their NDC. If you are unsure which application form is best suited to your organization, please email

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    What are the revised application timeframes?


    Round 1 Questions Submission: August 21st, 2020

    Proponents can submit questions to CEA Consulting (, and responses will be posted on a rolling basis. Final questions must be received by 11:59 pm EDT on August 21st, 2020. The ECO team and CEA Consulting will compile and share responses to the questions.

    Round 1 Proposal Submission Deadline: September 4th, 2020

    The initial proposals should be developed and submitted by 11:59 pm EDT on September 4th, 2020. Applicants must use the appropriate NDC Facility application form based on the type of organization applying (country or technical assistance partner) and follow the application guidelines laid out in that document.

    Round 1 Proposal Review and Iteration: September 4th – October 30th

    Following the initial review of proposals, K-CEP’s ECO team may iterate with applicants to develop revised proposals based on initial feedback from CEA Consulting and other reviewers.

    Round 1 Final Review and Selection: October 30th – November 13th

    A review committee composed of representatives from the ECO team, technical experts, and funders will evaluate revised proposals beginning in November. Selected applicants will be notified of likely funding no later than mid-November 2020, with the exact timing dependent on the certainty of the inclusion of new cooling commitments in the country’s enhanced NDC. Funding will be disbursed in tranche payments contingent on the submission of an enhanced NDC that specifies cooling ambitions, or the release of another public document that provides an ambitious commitment to efficient, climate-friendly cooling.

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    How will the funding be provided?

    Funding will be distributed in tranche payments to TA partners between 2021 and 2023. While the host government needs to indicate their intent to include cooling in their revised NDC, K-CEP funding is to be delivered to the partner organizations, not the governments themselves.

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    What is meant by replicability of results and potential multiplier effect?

    For replicability of results, we are hoping to see information on how you intend to develop a program that will be replicable without further philanthropic financial support going forward. It would be helpful to provide information such as: what is the pathway to scale your project beyond the NDC Facility and will your project be replicated by other entities? This is particularly relevant for pilot projects.

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    What is the difference between “target outcome” and “target outputs”?

    The “target outcome” is a high-level overall program goal for the project that comes as a result of the specific outputs. The target outputs are more specific and tangible deliverables or achievements that the project will produce. In sum, the target outputs of your planned program will lead to the an end goal of the project, called the “Target Outcome.”

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    How many supporting documents may be submitted with the application?

    Please keep additional/supporting documents to a maximum of 10 pages in total, excluding any endorsement letters or MOUs. CVs and bios of key staff may be attached as separate documents and do not count toward the 10-page limit.

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    Should applications be submitted in a specific format?

    Applications are to be submitted by email to There is no specific format required, but please be cognizant that large documents sometimes can fail to send in emails so PDF can be a good format to avoid any potential issues.

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    Can proposals be resubmitted in the second round of applications?

    You may resubmit applications in the second round, but it is not certain that a second round will take place. This will depend on a number of factors including, quality and quantity of applications received in the first round, status of updated NDC submissions, and availability of funding for the NDC Facility. We will be making an announcement about the second round of the NDC Facility before the end of 2020.

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    Should MOUs and letters of support be translated into English?

    Yes, please translate all supporting documents to English that are relevant to the application process.

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    Who should I contact with queries about the application?

    Inquiries about the NDC Facility and the application process can be directed to