Efficiency Cooling Office

The Efficiency Cooling Office (ECO) serves as the K-CEP program office, providing grantmaking, reporting, program management, and other services to help K-CEP funders and partners maximize the climate and development benefits of K-CEP.

K-CEP is hiring! We are recruiting a new Head of our Policies, Standards and Programs ‘window’, a $20m portfolio of exciting and impactful projects. Check out the job description here.

ECO team members are:

Dan Hamza-Goodacre
K-CEP Executive Director

Jessica Brown
K-CEP Director

Dr. Gabrielle Dreyfus
Head of Policies, Standards, and Programs

HU Min
China Advisor

Shilpa Patel
Head of Finance Window

Helen Picot
Head of Institutional Strengthening for Efficiency and Access to Cooling

Xiaoyi Jin
Program Assistant